Frank Lewin, Composer


List of Works
Burning Bright
Reflecting on Wagner


American composer Frank Lewin, 1925-2008, worked in a wide variety of genres—from theater to opera, from songs to full-scale orchestral works, from documentary to feature film. Lewin's music always captures the character of text, image, or action; it ranges from mechanistic to whimsical to expressively lyrical.

Among Lewin's works are the opera Burning Bright, based on the novel and play by John Steinbeck; Requiem for Robert F. Kennedy (Mass for the Dead, in English); over 150 scores for film and television; and quadraphonic scores for seven historical outdoor dramas.

Lewin consistently made use of emerging technology. He began work in the era of magnetic tape and film, and pioneered techniques of composition for multi-layered recordings and surround sound. He included electronic instruments in his scores, and made extensive use of the computer, including digital editing.

Frank Lewin's scores, papers, and recordings are archived at Princeton University, and at East Carolina University (outdoor drama materials).

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